Pass Purchasing Help


Step 1:

Agreeing to Releases and Hold Harmless will direct you to the page where you can order your pass(es). Click the 'Add to Cart' button next to the type of pass you'd like to buy.


Step 2:

If you would like to add another type of pass click the 'Continue Shopping' button on the PayPal cart page and click 'Add to Cart' next to the other pass type you need. Repeat this process for as many types as you'd like to add. Quantities can be updated or removed on the cart page.


Step 3:

Select a payment method. The 'Check Out' button goes to a page where you can enter credit card information. The 'PayPal' button goes to a page that will ask you to sign in to your PayPal  account.


Step 4:

Once payment information has been entered click the 'Pay Now' button.


Once your payment has been verified you will receive a download link to the map. The map can be downloaded twice before the link expires.


Step 5:

When your PayPal transaction has been completed you will be directed to the Form Page to add your information to the pass. The Form Page has it's own help section to guide you through filling the form.


Step 6:

PRINT your form information and keep it with you when you ride the trails. That printout is your official trail pass.


*If Paypal did not direct you to the Form page automatically please click HERE.*

To see what's in your cart simply click the 'View Cart' button at the top of any page.


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